My name is Angela Mistretta; I have been practicing as a dental hygienist since my graduation from Lakeland Community College in 1991. I have been with Dr. Schuster since graduating from the hygiene program and I enjoy my profession!

Growing up in the fluoride generation, children do not have the fear of dental visits that many adults have. However, even with the advancements in oral hygiene and the wide availability of fluoride, 50% of school age children have some type of tooth decay, and at least 40% have a form of malocclusion (crooked) teeth. Thus it is important for children and their parents to be knowledgeable on issues such as diet, brushing and flossing. Routine checkups every six months starting between the ages of 1% and 2 years old are a healthy reinforcement of good dental hygiene. However, teeth cleaning should begin from the time of eruption of the first teeth (6 months) with a gauze (cotton) swab and later with a children's toothbrush.

When your child is scheduled for their first appointment, inform them that I will give them a ride in my chair. I will then count and polish their teeth. At this appointment Dr. Schuster will perform an examination and will take their picture where it will be placed on our wall of other children's pictures (and a few selected adults) who are patients in our practice. Your child can then choose a new toothbrush and toy or sticker as their prize for being such a good "helper" during their appointment. We are always focused on insuring that your child has a positive dental experience. Children in our practice look forward to their dental appointments! If your child needs to return for sealants, (these help to prevent decay on the back teeth) or for a restoration (filling), the appointment can be made at this time.

An additional service that our office provides is orthodontics. Dr. Schuster has been seeing patients since 1991. Children are routinely screened at their cleaning appointments for any malocclusions. This involves an assessment of the children's airway, TMJ, arch form, crowding, and the relationship of the upper jaw to the lower jaw. Assessment could involve a cephalometric x-ray, upper and lower impressions for diagnostic models and a referral to an ENT Specialist for further evaluation.

Ifyou have any questions concerning your child's' treatment, please feel free to ask myself or Dr. Schuster at any time during the visit. Thank You for your trust and confidence in our practice. Welcome Aboard!