Growing up in the flouride generation, children do not have the fear of dental visits that some adults have. However, without proper home care, children can still develop cavities.

It might be hard to believe, but even with the advancements in oral hygene and the wide availability of fluoride, 50% of school age children have some type of tooth decay, and at least 40% have a form of malocclusion.

Thus it is important for children and their parents to be knowledgeable on issues such as diet, brushing, and flossing. Routine checkups every six months starting between the ages of 1 1/2 and 2 yrs old are a healthy reinforcement of good dental hygene. However, cleaning should begin from the time of eruption of the first teeth (5-6 months) with a guaze (cotton) swab and later with a childs' toothbrush.

When your child is scheduled for his or her first appointment, tell them that Angie (My Hygenist) wants to give you a ride in her chair and count your teeth.

At this appointment I will take their picture and place it on my wall with the other children (and a few selected adults) who are patients of this practice. Then they can choose a toy or sticker as their prize for being such a good helper during their appointment. We are always focused on insuring that your child has a positive dental experience. Children in this practice look forward to their dental appointments! If the child needs to return for sealants or for a restoration, the appointment can be made at this time.

Providing orthodontic care to my patients is one of the most satisfying parts of practicing dentistry. When the patients are seen every 6 months for their routine cleaning it is easy to monitor the correct time to initiate orthodontic treatment. The best time is between ages 8 to 10, depending on the dental development of each child. In the cases of cross bites or functional habits i.e. thumb sucking; treatment should be initiated at an earlier age.

I love treating children. It is very rewarding to see them smile after having a tooth filled. Watching their eyes light up when they are told that they are finished with their appliance, or that their braces can now be removed. It's an experience that makes coming to work that much more enjoyable. Thank you.